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Betway predictions are unique betting tips and predictions that are posted on the bookmaker website. These predictions are intended to help bettors get good value from the wagers and we take a look here at some of the different tips available after completing the Betway registration.

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Betway Predictions for Today

Last modified: 2022-08-18 06:25:31 UTC+ 2
Yield: 5.75%
Celta Vigo vs Real Madrid
20/08 22:00
Real Madrid to win
Here we have Celta Vigo vs Real Madrid. A football match from Laliga from Spain. Real Madrid comes with 2 wins in last 5 games they played, last match they won 0-1 against Liverpool. Celta Vigo is coming...
Yield: 5.75%
Qatar vs Senegal
World Cup Grp. A
25/11 14:00
Senegal to win
Senegal comes with 3 wins in last 5 games they played, last match they won 0-1 against Rwanda. Qatar is coming with 2 wins in the last 5 games, last game they draw 0-0 against Slovenia. Senegal are in...
Yield: 5.75%
FC Ryukyu vs Montedio Yamagata
J. League 2
20/08 11:30
Montedio Yamagata to win
football J. League 2 match. FC Ryukyu vs Montedio Yamagata. After the great victory of Montedio Yamagata in the previous match against Zweigen Kanazawa (4-1), I really see Montedio Yamagata motivated in...
Yield: 5.75%
Police Tero FC vs Chonburi FC
Thai League
20/08 14:00
Chonburi FC to win
Match of football to be played on 20 August 2022 - 14:00 for Thai League from Thailand. Chonburi FC played 5 matches and did 7 points, they won 2, draw 1, lost 2, last match they lost against BG Pathum...
Yield: 5.75%
Peka vs PK Keski-Uusimaa
Kakkonen - Lohko A
20/08 14:00
PK Keski-Uusimaa to win
This football duel will take place on Finland for Kakkonen. PK Keski-Uusimaa comes with 1 win in last 5 games they played, last match they won 3-2 against PPJ. Peka is coming with 1 win in the last 5...

There are different types of predictions that the betting platform refers to. Firstly, there are Betway correct score predictions for today, where players can try to guess the exact score of a particular sporting fixture. For example, when betting on soccer, a bettor might choose the Liverpool vs Arsenal match to finish with a 2-1 scoreline to Liverpool.

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Another type of betting prediction is the accumulator. This is a form of multi-bet, where players choose various games to bet on. Sometimes, these wagers can be for just one league or spread across multiple leagues and sporting events. The more selections someone makes, the more their overall returns increase. However, if one prediction fails to place, then the entire accumulator bet is void. See below for more Betway accumulator tips.


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How Did We Choose Our Betway Predictions?

Choosing Betway predictions may seem like a lucky choice. But, with some Betway tips and a little research, bettors can make more informed and accurate picks. These can support potential Betway winning tips.

Winning Tips

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Below are some of the top tips to help make better choices when selecting match outcomes:

Consider Team Form

When making a sports bet, it is important to take a look at how teams are performing before committing to an outright prediction or an accumulator. Take a look at any streaks that a team might be on and do some research into how many games they have won or lost over the last five or ten fixtures. In most sports, even the top teams have up and down spells throughout a season. Often, it is about good timing, such as backing a team when they have winning momentum and confidence. Alternatively, picking a team to lose if they are on a bad run of defeats can support any Betway tips.

Team and Player News

Other than looking at team form, team news is the next biggest consideration when making a bet. Injuries and suspensions to a team’s best player will often impact the outcome of a match. Particularly if one team relies on a player to score goals or keep goals out in defence. Also, think about how many players a team may be missing due to injury and suspension. A lot of teams may have their best players available, but if they have six or seven other injured players, the team won’t perform at their best.

It also pays off the keep up to date with any managerial or owner changes in sports. Regularly, a change in personnel at a sports team brings new confidence and can lead to an upturn in results.

Home vs Away

In many sports, there is a noticeable advantage to playing at home. More often, teams perform more positively in front of a home crowd. On the other hand, teams are more rigid and go for damage limitation when they play away. Bettors can use this to make solid predictions. When looking at team form, also analyse how they are performing away or at home.

Study Alternative Markets

Looking at correct scores and outright predictions are the most popular betting choices. But looking at the alternative betting markets and odds can lead to more accurate decisions when placing a bet. The odds for over/under goals, both teams to score or a win to nil can give a good insight into how a match could play out. For example, if there are low odds in both teams to score in Man United vs Arsenal, then this outcome is more likely. This can then be applied to the correct score prediction as a 1-1 draw, or a 2-1 result may have a better chance of success.

Don’t Make Random Selections

Choosing a match outcome or correct score bet at random and without any research is rarely successful. Having a strategy, reading match previews and looking into player and team form is one of the best ways to improve success when making predictions. Making use of resources and news is a solid approach when selecting wagers for sporting events.

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Betway Jackpot Predictions

The operator also runs Betway jackpot predictions as an alternative for bettors. The jackpot games provide players with a selection of matches. Then, the player has to guess a certain number of scores or outcomes correctly for the chance to win additional jackpot amounts.

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Below are details of some of the Betway jackpot predictions on offer:

EPL Pick 5

Players must select the outright winner from five specific Premier League matches. To win the jackpot amount, bettors need to get all five predictions correct. However, there are also consolation prizes for getting four out of five predictions right. The jackpot amount is GHS 25000, while the consolation prize is GHS 10.

Pick 13

The Pick 13 jackpot offers bettors the chance to win GHS 300000 if they pick the correct outcomes of 13 hand-picked fixtures from across Europe’s top football leagues. To win the maximum bonus, players must select all 13 correct outcomes. But, players who get either ten, 11 or 12 choices correct will also win a small jackpot bonus.

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Below are some of the most common questions and queries regarding predictions, accumulators and tips.

Does the Betway jackpot have bonuses?

Yes. There are bonuses to the jackpot offers, including partial payouts for the Pick 13 if one, two or three bets do not place.

What is the biggest win on Betway?

The biggest win available via the bookmaker is the 10 million GHS on offer if a player wins the Colossus jackpot.

How to win Betway predictions?

Some potential Betway tips include checking team form, news and player injuries ahead of selections. Also, consider how alternative markets are displaying odds in addition to researching home and away streaks. Finally, avoid making random choices to top up your predictions.

Although no betting strategy is ever completely guaranteed, chances can be improved with a little research to help with Betway winning tips.

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